At First Growth Venture Network our mission is simple: help make great, early stage companies even better.  We don’t ask for equity, the program is free and our sessions are held about every six weeks.  Time and money are precious at startups.  We know – we’ve been there before.

Legacy of Success

Put high potential entrepreneurs together with startup veterans and accomplished investors and magic happens.  Just ask members of our inaugural vintage of fifteen, ten of whom had funding at graduation and of one of whom had already been acquired in a lucrative exit by graduation.  In our second vintage of ten startups, seven had received funding by graduation. Click here to read more about our alums.

A Vision for Tomorrow

Our program continues to evolve and grow.  Now accepting applications for our fourth vintage, we’re excited to accept a new crop of entrepreneurs .  Click here to learn about last semester’s companies.

A Program for You

First Growth runs a yearly program with a semester concept, just like school.  To find out if we’re right for you and to apply to an upcoming session, please click here.

First Growth Venture Network’s mission is to identify entrepreneurs and to surround them with the network they will need to support their growth. By providing these nascent tech businesses with the network and substantive expertise they need to grow at the earliest possible moment, First Growth will help create conditions in which those companies will grow into best of breed companies.

First Growth is a program for high potential, seed and early stage start-up tech entrepreneurs, meeting in New York City and while many are based here, our program has drawn companies from Paris, London, Georgia, Louisiana, Chicago, Boston, and elsewhere.  Our advisors come from New York, fly in from Silicon Valley and Boston, among other locales.  We believe that this reflects the magnetic quality of New York’s thriving venture/tech scene as well as the strength of our program and commitment of its members.

First Growth takes these entrepreneurs and accelerates their “first growth” by (1) connecting them with venture capitalists, angel investors, successful entrepreneurs and advisors, all of whom have spent years in and around technology start-ups; (2) connecting each startup with successful network members who will provide advice at sessions and beyond based on various criteria; (3) providing regular opportunities for substantive information and networking with the First Growth community; and (4) providing a peer group of other high potential tech leadership teams in the First Growth program.

Click Here for more information and to find out how to apply.