Fall 2010 Vintage


Brichbox logo Birchbox combines the reach of online retail with an “of-the-month-club” business model to deliver a better beauty experience. For just $10 a month, Birchbox members receive handpicked, oversized samples from top-of-the-line brands across the categories of hair, makeup, and skincare. Coupled with a fully integrated editorial and e-commerce site, Birchbox is designed to cut through the clutter of the beauty world and help women discover products that work for them.
BaubleBar logo BaubleBar (formerly eight1six) is an online fashion jewelry boutique that offers consumers access to a constantly refreshed selection of eye-catching fashion jewelry. eight1six partners with the designers that supply chic fashion jewelry to upscale retailers, and brings their in-season merchandise direct to consumers, but without the high retailer markup. Supplementing incredible product selection with style content and trend advice, eight1six aims to be the go-to destination site for a woman’s every fashion jewelry need.
GateGuru logo Mobility Apps LLC (the “Company”), based in New York City, recently launched a mobile application called GateGuru that is destined to redefine the in-airport experience. The Company released GateGuru to the public on December 7th, 2009 and since launch has achieved more than 200,000 downloads and has garnered significant media attention.
GateGuru was designed to fill an unmet consumer need to have a real-time, on- demand, digital source of information to vastly improve the airport experience for travelers. Initially, the application has focused on the airport retail vertical. In this area, GateGuru allows travelers to locate, rate and review airport businesses and amenities. In just under 7 months in the market, GateGuru has become a must-have tool for users to easily locate desired amenities within approximately 100 airports across the United States, Canada and London’s Heathrow Airport. Over time, GateGuru plans to expand its platform horizontally, and to be an invaluable tool for travelers from the minute they leave for the airport, until the minute they arrive at their destination. Despite being in the market for only a short period of time, GateGuru has already scaled its user base, been featured in an Apple commercial and signed partnerships with top brands including KAYAK, JetBlue, United and numerous large, high-end airport retailers.
The current version of the application is available on iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad devices, and is sold through Apple’s iTunes App Store. The Company plans to launch versions of the GateGuru for additional technology platforms, including Blackberry (Research in Motion) and Android (Google), in 2010.
Hourly logo hour.ly is the employment network for the Gig-Economy. The way in which people work has changed but the way that work is found has not. Finding work has effectively become a job. Despite this change in the workforce, online employment sites have not adapted to the market requiring job seekers to spend multiple hours a day trying to find their next job and job posters having to filter through hundreds of anonymous responses for any given job. At its core, hour.ly matching platform gives job seekers and posters the ability to be dynamically introduced on an ongoing basis as opposed to the more traditional single job, single candidate job search sites and job boards.
plizy logo Plizy learns who you are and recommends videos based on what you like. Our unique, patent pending recommendation engine builds an “entertainment graph” using your existing graphs.
Trunkshow.com logo Trunk Show Inc. was founded in May 2010 by Aslaug Magnusdottir and Lauren Santo Domingo.
The company runs 36-72 hour full price online trunk shows of designer ready-to-wear, shoes, accessories and jewelry immediately after a brand shows its new collection.
The company raised $1.1 million in equity financing from New Atlantic Ventures and other investors in August 2010.
Plantly logo Plantly is a Risk-Aware investment tool that aims not to suck. Its mission is to relieve the pain that prevents everyday Americans from properly investing their hard earned cash.
Plantly’s intuitive interface guides you to a personalized and diversified investment plan. It reveals important and objective information that traditional advisors do not disclose. Plantly fits anyone who has as little as $5,000 to invest.
On the back end, Plantly’s proprietary technology brings these higher standards to everyday people at an affordable and scalable manner.
Plantly was originally built by Shahar (the financial mind) for his brother Amit who is a usability expert. Eventually, they joined forces towards making a tool that considers the needs of non-professional investors like Amit.
At the latest TechCrunch Disrupt event, Shahar and Amit were brought up on stage at the last moment as audience favorites. See them scramble as they deliver an improvised demo of plantly: http://techcrunch.com/2010/05/25/plantly/
The day after, Plantly was picked by CNNMoney.com as one “of the 5 coolest new technologies on display” (http://bit.ly/ap1EVU).
Plantly now has more than 10,000 registered beta users and is planning to launch out of beta in a few months. Thus, we are currently at the cusp of a $750K to $1M seed round ($175K out of these have already been closed as a bridge loan).
Postling logo Postling is a unified marketing dashboard for small businesses. The problem we’re solving is that small businesses have 100s of tools to choose from across various marketing channels — email, social media, local deals, SEM — and they don’t have the time or expertise to evaluate them all and effectively utilize them. Our vision is to find the best tools and, using their APIs, integrate them into a single dashboard. We will then provide suggestions on the best ways for people to invest their time and money across these difference channels, by analyzing their individual histories compared to their peers (like Mint.com + Clickable). We are also creating a community for small business owners to engage with each other and ask questions, get tips, and share success stories. The founders include the engineering founders of Etsy.com and an engineer-turned-product manager from Amazon.com and Etsy.com. Existing investors include Dave McClure, David Cohen, and Gary Vaynerchuk.
Roundex logo Roundeux is a re-imagining of what a content platform is and can do. It is laser focused on a single goal: making money. Using a patent-pending engine that can test any aspect of an Internet presence and tune it to multiple prioritized goals, Roundeux squeezes profit from every visit and message.
Skillslate logo SkillSlate is a directory of local individual service providers that consumers use to find trusted service providers that meet their specific needs. We target the 16mm individually employed service providers in the US who are currently struggling to find leads in the face of larger, more established companies.