*** Applications for our Fall 2013 Vintage are now closed! Please check back in May 2014 to apply for our Fall 2014 Vintage. ***

Like what you read and think you may be a fit for First Growth Venture Network? We’d love to see you apply!

As you consider applying, please keep the following criteria in mind:

  • You must be a first or second time CEO
  • Building your business must be your full-time job
  • Companies must not have received more than $1M in third party investment
  • You must commit to attending the monthly sessions held in New York City

Our application is simple and shouldn’t take you more than a half hour to complete. If it does, let us know.

The UI isn’t perfect yet, we’re working on that, but we hope you can muddle (or stomp) through it.

Application, click here.

After you click on submit, please email an executive summary for your business to [email protected]

The executive summary may vary from a one-page document to a full business plan to a PowerPoint presentation; it doesn’t matter to us. Please ensure your summary includes:

  • A description of what your company will do
  • A discussion of the market your start-up is targeting and why it’s a good one
  • A description of why your start-up will be successful
  • A list of competitors and description of why your start-up is different
  • Has your company raised money? If so, how much has been raised and from whom – we don’t need specific names (though we’d prefer to see the names of any fund investors), just a sense of who gave you money, if anyone
  • Please attach resumes of all relevant team members, preferably going back to the beginning of high school