Micah Rosenbloom

Micah, Founder Partner of Founder Collective, learned early on how important it is to achieve an equilibrium in the entrepreneur-venture capital relationship. Micah’s first company Handshake.com offered enterprise software that enabled consumers to automatically schedule services with a variety of service businesses.

“I learned a lot then that I applied to the founding of Brontes,” referring to the dental imaging company that he co-founded with Founder Collective partner Eric Paley. “You have to be extremely disciplined. You have to be careful not to become too dependent on venture capital.” But fortunately, Brontes was allowed to grow on its own, on a trim budget, before it was sold.

Before entering the start-up world, Micah put in time at the Endeavor talent agency in Los Angeles. There, he briefly worked as an assistant to one of the agents at the agency famed for being the backdrop of the HBO hit series Entourage (“I was Lloyd, essentially,” Micah says).

Micah sees Founder Collective’s advantage as its ability and willingness, as a committed early-stage investor, to play an active role in supporting and digging into the endeavors it backs, rather than sitting passively by and hoping for the best. “We’re really hands-on guys,” he says of Founder Collective’s founding partners. “We’re not career investors, we’re start-up guys. With early-stage stuff, you can get really hands-on, and put things together and shepherd things along, and I think we’re in a good position to do that. We have great contacts, a great network. I think the strategy plays really well to our strengths.”