Ajay Sravanapudi

Mr. Sravanapudi is an interactive media veteran with a deep understanding of the display advertising industry. As the business and technology driving force behind the LucidMedia Network and the patented ClickSense platform, Ajay has spent the last three years transforming the company from its roots in enterprise knowledge management to a leading player in the online advertising space.

Initially focused on solving various targeting challenges that faced advertisers and publishers, Ajay pioneered the creation of a revolutionary new contextual meta-network that is now leveraged by the industry to lift online revenue, maximize yield, and increase return on ad spend. The result is a new network that provides a level of brand safety, quality control and impression level transparency that had always eluded the display advertising industry.

Ajay divides his time equally between corporate headquarters in the Washington metropolitan area and New York City where he is deeply involved at all levels in the display ad industry. Ajay was the founding CTO of LucidMedia and held that role until February 2007. Previously, he was the Vice President of Product Architecture at Versatility where he led the development of large scale call centers and enterprise CRM software. Ajay has also held high-level technology positions at American Management Systems and OMC Computers Ltd.

He received a M.S. in Information Management from Penn State University in 1990 and a B.S. from IIT Madras in 1987.