Alan Portnoi

Alan, Co-Founder and President at HedgeFund LIVE, has over 25 years of industry experience and is currently responsible for sales and marketing. Previously, Mr. Portnoi was a Managing Director and ran the U.S. Event-Driven Trading Desk at RBC Capital Markets where he also was a member of the RBC Global Equities Operating Committee. The Event Desk covered over 100 institutional clients and provided both high-touch and electronic trading execution services.

Mr. Portnoi joined RBC via RBC’s acquisition of Carlin where he was a significant equity holder at the time of the sale. Mr. Portnoi ran the Institutional Sales and Trading Division at Carlin and was a key contributor to its growth. Mr. Portnoi became associated with Carlin when NextGen Trading acquired a majority stake in Carlin. At NextGen Trading, Mr. Portnoi established the Institutional Sales and Trading Desk.

Before joining NextGen Trading, Mr. Portnoi was a 15-year veteran and Managing Director of the Bear Stearns Risk Arbitrage Desk. He has also held a senior position at Deutsche Bank. Mr. Portnoi spent time on the buy-side as a portfolio manager with Fair Haven Capital and was also the Head Trader at Argonaut Capital, a global macro fund. Messieurs Portnoi and Frommer have had a 17-year professional relationship.

Mr. Portnoi is a graduate of Cornell University.