October 24, 2012 via New York Times by William Grimes – ABOUT 90 minutes into a high-speed scouting expedition through the artists’ studios of Gowanus, Brooklyn, Alex Tryon paused. In a small subdivided studio taking part in an annual event known as the Gowanus Open Studios Tour, her eye fixed on some acrylic paintings of neon-colored plastic squirt guns. They had a weird presence, cheery but menacing.

The Artsicle founders Scott Carleton and Alex Tryon in Gowanus, Brooklyn, on a studio tour (both First Growth Venture Network graduates). Her partner, Scott Carleton, leaned over and said, conspiratorially, “I like the squirt guns.” Ms. Tryon whipped out her iPhone and began taking pictures. “That goes to the Twitter feed,” she said. “It lets people know the Artsicle team is out on the streets, and this is what we’re seeing.”

Artsicle is the ear-catching name for an offbeat venture, an online business that rents inexpensive art cheaply. Ms. Tryon, 26, and Mr. Carleton, 27, have taken aim at novice collectors with small budgets, limited art knowledge and no appetite for the intimidating atmosphere at many established art galleries.

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