September 6, 2012 via Wired by Nathan Hurst – Five years ago yesterday, Jen Beckman founded 20×200 (a Fall 2009 Vintage First Growth Venture Network Graduate) on the belief that everyone should be able to collect art, and that the internet could help them do so. While neither the oldest nor the biggest place to buy prints online ( has been peddling prints for over a decade), her curated site, along with several other upstarts, represent a rapidly changing attitude and approach towards how art is marketed, bought and sold, a domain that Beckman says has lagged behind in its adoption of online retailing.

“Art as a business category remains one of the few industries that has largely been undisrupted by technology,” says Beckman. “Now, a lot more people are comfortable both collecting art in general and also collecting art online, because of what we’ve done over the last several years.”

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