via GigaOM by Eirca Ogg September 1, 2012 – Next week you’re going to start hearing more about this very cool new service called Irrive (a Fall 2011 Vintage First Growth Venture Network Graduate). It’s aimed at giving users a way to streamline all their photos, status updates and checkins that are currently distributed across multiple services into a single, shareable unit. The best application is sharing memories from a trip. With Irrive you can create, in just a few minutes, a beautiful trip scrapbook and slideshow that is easily shareable online. Irrive is currently in private beta, but is set to open up more widely after Labor Day.

Irrive is the latest startup from New York entrepreneur Steven Cohn, who started and sold it to Living Social in 2009. This next venture is still in the social space, but it’s aimed at helping users seamlessly and easily share big life events, especially trips, instead of a beer. The idea, he says, is that we have all these great memories that we want to share, but the record of them is usually all over the place, out of sync, and easily lost. (There is something like this already for gathering info about your friend’s trips, using Tripl, but Irrive is focused on scrapbooking your own trip.)

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