Wednesday December 7, 2011 by Ed Zimmerman from the EdGrapeNutZimm Blog

I wanted to talk to Alex Payne.

Alex co-founded Simple (formerly BankSimple), the Portland-based startup that’s changing the face of banking at a time when people really want banking to change! Customers… Simple currently has 80,000+ people on a wait list to use the service — how’s that for backlog! Alex was an engineer at Twitter, who started there so early that he arrived before it was Twitter (and before it incorporated). But what did I want to talk to Alex about? His dropping out of college…a little, his departure from high school, which he almost didn’t even finish, a little, his tattoos…oh yeh! His well written blog appears at

Let me say this (in case my kids read this): Daddy doesn’t necessarily want you to get a tattoo and I don’t have any. That said, Alex’s tattoos are so thoughtful and interesting and his insanely eloquent telling of the back-story so intriguing, that I decided that I’d do a post about them because they open a portal into this intensely intelligent and fascinating man who is one of the most engaging dinner companions I know.

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